f=f works in the realms of design, research and development on projects from concept to production. We specialize in industrial design, computational design and digital fabrication. We explore the endless possibilities of digitally fabricated materials, processes, new technologies and their applications.

Inspired by nature, f=f stands for form=function, which is the foundation of our design approach. We are in love with the beautifully simple, yet infinitely complex forms nature has evolved purely for their function(s).

How we work with you:

'Be honest' is our company philosophy. We will tell you what we know and what we can do, but we will also tell you if there's something we don't know or can't do (yet). Even if it means we are not the right choice for your project. It means we hope you can trust us and we like to have that kind of relationship with our clients. We are honest about the reality of the design process (we wont say we can do the impossible, but we will try our hardest). The most important part about our philosophy is: it makes us feel good about the work we do. We hope it also makes our clients feel more confident and comfortable working with us.


En f=f brindamos servicios de diseño, investigación y desarrollo de producto desde el concepto hasta la fabricación. Nos especializamos en diseño industrial, diseño computacional y fabricación digital. Exploramos las infinitas posibilidades de los materiales fabricados digitalmente, los procesos, las nuevas tecnologías y sus aplicaciones en la industria.

Inspirados por la naturaleza, f=f significa forma=función, que es la base de nuestro enfoque de diseño. Estamos enamorados de las formas maravillosamente simples, pero a la vez complejas, que la naturaleza ha generado puramente para su función.

Founder: Aaron Porterfield

Aaron Porterfield is an Industrial Designer focused on computational design and digital fabrication. He received a BA in Industrial Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. He has worked as an Industrial Designer and researcher in advanced manufacturing at FATHOM in Oakland, CA. He was an Artist in Residence at Autodesk Pier 9 in San Francisco, CA.

Fundador: Aaron Porterfield

Aaron Porterfield es un Diseñador Industrial especializado en el Diseño Computacional y la Fabricación Digital. Obtuvo su licenciatura en Diseño Industrial en la Academy of Art University de San Francisco, California. Ha trabajado como Diseñador Industrial e investigador en fabricación avanzada en la empresa FATHOM en Oakland, California. Fue Artista residente en Autodesk Pier 9 en San Francisco, California.


San Francisco, CA USA
Barcelona, Spain