Lattice Structures

Lattice Structures is an on going research project at FATHOM for creating heterogeneous material properties within a homogeneous 3D printed material.

Textile Composites

Textile Composites is inspired by Neri Oxman's paper on Material Based Design Computation and Skylar Tibbit's Active Shoes project with MIT's Self Assembly Lab

Generative Gcode

Generative Gcode is produced using Grasshopper to make FDM 3D printing toolpaths part of the parametric design process.

Parametric Kerf Bending

Parametric Kerf is an exploration of laser-cut lattice hinges. Patterns are generated along a 3D surface then flattened to be laser-cut.

View the Instructable for files and more info.


Freefromigami is a project inspired by Tomohiro Tachi and his Origamizer software.

Read more from his site

Black and Black Photography

3d printed and 5-axis CNC cut photos using Autodesk's DynamoBIM and HSMWorks.

View the instructables for files and more info:


Nodes is an exploration on joinery of stock material using 3D printed nodal attachments.

Read more from FATHOM here.

3D Printed Glasses

How to design 3d printed glasses from a 3d scanned lens using Autodesk's 123D Catch.

View the Instructable for files and more info.


Bloom lamp is constructed from individual strips of a rigid material. Lattice hinges are parametrically applied to each strip to account for the curvature and intensity of each bend.

View the Instructable for files and more info.

Strip Lamp

Strip Lamp is a parametric model for panelized lamp shades. The spiral form is created by identical strips of laser-cut material and each strip is attached by interlocking tabs.

View the Instructable for files and more info.