Crystallon v1.1 coming soon!

Thank you all for your support on the Crystallon project! I have received a lot of great feedback so far.

I am currently working on updates for the next release coming in the next few weeks. Here is a quick preview of the updates:

All the morphing between surfaces and meshes will now have a "t" input which allows you to use a graph mapper for non-linear divisions. I am working on getting this to work with x and y divisions on the surfaces.

The voxelize component has this for all axis, and now has an input for base plane so you can change the orientation of the voxels.

I have also received requests for an option to export lattices to nTopology. This is a powerful tool and they have created an open source file format for transferring lattice information

I have created and export module and will create in import module soon.

In more exciting news, the 3MF consortium has released a beam lattice extension for the 3D Manufacturing Format. I will be working on a module for exporting beam lattice information to .3MF files soon.

Thank you for all the support and stay tuned for updates as they come.

- Aaron