Client: Origin Laboratories (Stratasys)
Design: f=f & Slicelab

Working in collaboration with Origin Laboratories (now Stratasys), this project’s goal was to design and develop a 3D printed midsole for a casual running shoe. There was a client emphasis on parametric design that needed to be set up for fast micro-adjustments as more and more 3DP iterations continued to come off the printers. This lattice structured midsole was created by formulating a lattice cell that would be able to repeat and adjust in reaction to a pressure map of the foot along with other data that was factored in. Additionally, the client was interested in creating a 3D knit upper to be bonded to the midsole. Working with product developers and factory engineers in Asia, various maps of stiffnesses, material thickness, and knit patterns were collaborated on, which allowed for getting good sample prototypes made for fit testing.