Global Football

Client: Nike
Location: New York City / Miami
Design: f=f
Production: FATHOM

For their flagship store in the heart of the SOHO district, Nike wanted to create an immersive shopping experience showcasing the latest technology.

Nike approached us to design and produce an installation of 5 sculptures to be hung from the atrium of the 4th floor containing their football products. The experience included a shoe testing area with astro-turf and glass walls overlooking the atrium.

The design was inspired by the geodesic geometry of footballs (hexagons and pentagons) to create light-weight, 3D printed figures. The density of the pattern on the figures was varied in scale to reveal details in some areas, while becoming sparse and open in larger areas.

The full scale human figures were 3D printed using SLS Nylon 12 for its light weight and durability. Each figure was printed in 15 pieces which included hidden attachment points for screws and rigging.

The installation was later moved to Nike's Miami store for El Clasico 2017