Generative Gcode

Generative Gcode is produced using Grasshopper to make FDM 3D printing toolpaths part of the parametric design process.

These paths were created by modulating and rotating each layer of a sliced object. The modulation gives the walls structure while the rotation determines the shape of the structure.

This is a continuous truss toolpath for making structural walls inspired by Arthur Mamou-Mani and his designs for Food Ink's pop-up resturants.

Learn more on his site

Generative infills could be used to optimize rigidity while light-weighting FDM parts.

We used a method of creating custom infills using Stratasys' Insight slicing software to create the lobby sign for FATHOM.

This was an experiment in creating 3D toolpaths for FDM. Due to the shape of the nozzle, my machine was very limited on how much curvature it could handle. A 5-axis machine will be next.